Chelsea Luxe Coop Collection



We are ecstatic to announce the Chelsea Yarns “Coop Collection.”  Each month, we will create a mystery color way using inspiration from the colors and personality of one of our “girls” living in tour backyard coop.  Nature has provided these birds with intricate coloring and transposing those tones from chicken to yarn will be an uplifting challenge.  Each run will be a one of a kind color way in our new sock base, an homage to a fowl which will be available on the website under the “Coop Collection” menu.  


Our first run of the Coop Collection will begin this coming Saturday October 3 at 10am Eastern Time.  We are kicking off with a tribute to a handsome, young Silkie that took us 12 weeks to figure out the hen was a ROOSTER!  “BB8” has beautiful coloring with many different shades highlighting neck, feathers and tail. He was a bit aggressive as a chick and certainly a bit crazy compared to the other birds but we didn’t put two and two together until we heard the “cock a doodle doo!”  Thankfully, we found a nice home for him at a farm that was better suited to handle Roos than us and our flock.  We hope you enjoy this color way inspired by the bad boy of the coop “BB8.”  

Coop Collection BB8