New Coop Collection Meghan & Deghan

Coop Collection Meghan & Deghan


The greatest thing about Meghan & Deghan is each hen is individually called Meghan & Deghan.  We cannot tell them apart and they are generally hanging out with each other anyway. They must be identical twins or at least from the same mother as they have been indistinguishable since their arrival as chicks and glued to each other’s hip from day 1. 


Meghan & Deghan are Wyandotte hens and just plain fantastic members of the coop.  They are active and social birds yet cause little drama as opposed to some of the other less regal companions in their run.  Happy to sit on a perch or to actively forage at “recess” when we open the run, they are a joy to watch and interact with.  They are also active layers of quality brown eggs which we enjoy immensely.  It will be easy to derive inspiration to dye from these wonderful hens.


This is a coop collection pre-order and the items will be sent at some point in March.  Each collection will be shipped in it’s own box along with a few “goodies”……….please note, cracked corn will not be part of the package!  We are thrilled to work with these birds coloring and personalities and know you will LOVE the results. 



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