On Chapel Hill Chapter 4

Chapter 4

“When one door closes, another one opens….”Alexander Graham Bell”

 The 25 Days of Vlogmas.  My friend Girl Meets Yarn pushed me, dared me and finally convinced me to do Vlogmas this holiday season.  I was hesitant as I thought about the challenge, what will I do?  What will I say?  25 days is a long time!  Thats a lot of editing.  Will anyone watch?  In the end, it was well, well worth it!


Being out and about amongst the wonderful yarn world was so much of the joy of owning Chelsea Yarns in Red Bank.  The interaction with our fiber friends lifted my spirits, the travels to events allowed me to meet more fantastic needle art fanatics and learn new things.  Vending our yarn at shows enabled me to meet and discuss with knitters and crocheters my line of yarn and helped inspire me to keep improving.  All the activity provided me with so much to talk about!


Then the lockdown……besides all the downright awful things about closing my store, I really miss the interaction with people.  Man that hurts.  So, the idea of doing a Vlogmas was intimidating as I felt I have minimal things to discuss and show.  Basically, it would just be my daily life at home with dogs, birds, yarn, planner, coffee, food, RBM, TJ…….and the chickens.  I never expected so much joy, camaraderie and laughter to arise from such daily topics as “elevate,” “cracked corn time,” or “coop stress” or that the simple, daily activities in life can really lead to so much interesting discussion with old and new friends.  I learned about cooking, baking, chickens, sourdough, knitting, fashion, cookies, Bemidji, cows, Canada, cookbooks…..the list is endless.  I was thrilled people were watching and even more thrilled about such kind, interesting and enjoyable comments/DM’s/emails and texts it led to.  Thank you all so very much for spending 25 days with us.  Thank you all for your enlightening interaction and thank you Girl Meets Yarn for pushing me to begin Vlogmas!


Happy New Year and stay tuned for more vlogs. 


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  • Jan Sheehan on

    Hi Christina and Tad . I for one am really glad you decided to try Vlogmas . It’s so interesting , all the wool , the dying processes …bread , tea, coffee , coup stress and elevated foods . Fun , simple fun . Glad you decided to keep going after Christmas . Thank you . Jan x

  • Kim Carter on

    Oh I hope you will do more vlogs! I really enjoyed the Vlogmas! So fun seeing the chickens, the goodies y’all were creating in the kitchen, your cute Christmas pjs and not to mention the gorgeous yarn!

  • Lynn Kruk on

    You should also add to your list of things, a writer. You write beautiful and I am just so happy I got to meet some wonderful friends in your yarn shop and you will never be forgotten. I hope that someday there will be a Chelsea Yarn Shop once again…
    I could say I met the nicest people at Chelsea Yarn shop and loved everything about your shop. Christina you always gave everyone a smile when they walked into your shop…Maybe someday Chelsea Yarn will be back – never say never…

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